Gunsmithing Services

We specialize in crafting precision rifles capable of winning national championships, from NRA Highpower or Palma to F-Class as well as tack-driving tactical and hunting rifles. We offer complete rifle builds as well as barrel fitting/chambering, stress-free bedding work and complete rebuilds. With over 30 years of experience crafting precision rifles, we can meet the most demanding requirements.

Cut-Rifled Barrels

Accuracy Unlimited is proud to offer hand-lapped, cut-rifled barrels (.30 caliber initially) for your Palma, FTR, Match, Tactical, AR-10 and hunting rifles. Each one of our barrels go through a painstakingly precise manufacturing process that will assure you of the kind of accuracy that top level shooters demand. These barrels will be offered in certified 416R Stainless and Chrome Moly.

Our Mission

Accuracy Unlimited strives for excellence in every facet of our business. We understand QUALITY at a fair price and do our utmost to give you both. When we build for you, we do not let 2nd-rate go out the is as good as anything that exists and it is up to the quality that we would use on the line ourselves.

            ~ Randy Gregory ~ Proprietor